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Hacksburg Office Hours

Hacksburg will hold office hours for local entrepreneurs and CRC tenants. The purpose of these office hours is to provide time to quickly assess what technologies exist to enable new ideas and to be able to help a new idea or project get off the ground it there's a technical stumbling block.


These Hacksburg office hours are intended to serve the following groups:

  • Hacksburg members
  • Virginia Tech Entrepreneurship Club members
  • Groups and individuals affiliated with the VT Apex Center for Entrepreneurs
  • VT CRC CoGro members
  • CRC tenants

If you have a great idea and aren't already in one of these groups, check them out! They represent great resources in our community for innovation. You can sign up to be a Hacksburg member on our admissions page.

How to Participate

A Hacksburg member knowledgeable in software development, manufacturing, and product design will be available from 2-3PM on Fridays at this link: Groups can discuss their ideas for a startup, product, or project, and we can help you understand the technologies suitable for that project and how to start working. If you've already started a project, we can provide technical assistance for the subject areas we know, and maybe point you towards another Hacksburg member or another group for the subject areas we don't know.

This is a free service provided by Hacksburg volunteers. Our priority is to serve as many groups as possible, so the time for each group may be limited if things get busy. Groups can get up to two hours of time total in Hacksburg office hours. If you want more help than that, you'll need to become a Hacksburg member. You can sign up for that on our admissions page.