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The Hacksburg wiki runs on MediaWiki, a collaboration and documentation platform with an active community. The wiki is hosted on a free non-profit Dreamhost account.


These plugins are installed that are useful to all users:

  • To be added


MediaWiki has namespaces by which one can organize pages, much like folders on a hard drive. Namespaces are delimited by colons

Here is the list of the current Hacksburg namespaces:

  • policy
    • Namespace used to store Hacksburg policies.
  • events
    • Namespace used to store event listings and event pages. This has sub-namespaces, one for each year.
  • tools
    • Namespace used to store information on the space's tools and equipment.
  • meetings
    • Namespace used to store meeting agendas and minutes.
  • infrastructure
    • Used to store information for the maintenance of Hacksburg. This is where you are right now.