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The Mostly Printed CNC (MP-CNC) is an inexpensive, open platform to precisely control motion. Hacksburg's setup can be used for both laser engraving and CNC milling using swappable toolheads. It has potential to be expanded to working as a large format 3d printer, pen plotter, foam cutter, drag knife, or any other CNC tool as well.


You must be properly trained before using this machine. It uses a high speed cutting head that can cause serious injuries and a powerful laser that can cause permanent eye damage. It also produces dust and smoke that can be respiratory hazards. If at any time you feel something is wrong or unsafe, stop the machine. Your safety is more important than what you are working on.


  • Bed size:
    • 24 in x 24 in
  • Motion:
    • Dual NEMA 17 steppers on on X and Y axis, single NEMA 17 on Z axis
    • Belt driven X and Y axis, lead screw driven Z axis
  • Milling:
  • Engraving:
    • 2.8 W Blue diode laser
  • Firmware:
    • GRBL
    • Running on an Arduino Mega with Ramps 1.4 shield
    • 115200 Baud
  • Software:
    • LaserGRBL (produces NC code for laser engraving)
    • bCNC (controls the MP-CNC)


Laser Engraver Tutorial

CNC Router Tutorial (In Progress)

Old instructions, no applicable:

Directions for engraver:

Directions for CNC: