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= Events =
===== Recurring Events =====
Weekly meeting every Tuesday 7:30 PM <!-- feel free to come by for a tour! This meeting is open-to-the-public and followed by an open-to-the-public work session starting at the end of the meeting to whenever the last member leaves. --> Due to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines, the meeting now occurs online. Feel free to attend to learn more about Hacksburg and take a [ virtual tour]! The meeting link is [].
===== Upcoming Events =====
'''Make sure to RSVP for events before attending at'''
* March 22May 31, 1 to 4 PM: [[Events/20192020/3D_Printing_and_CADRaspberry_Pi_101|CAD and 3D Printing Raspberry Pi 101]]* March 29, All Day: [ Lynchburg Maker Faire!]* April 5June 7, 1 to 4 PM: [[Events/2020/CNC_MillingCameras_101|CNC Milling Cameras and Lenses 101]]* April 18June 14, 1 to 4 PM: Casting Prep and Making Ingots[[Events/2020/Discrete_electronics|Discrete Electronic Components (micro power)]]* April 19June 21, 1 to 4 PM: [[Events/2020/Casting_1013D_Printer_101|Sand Casting 3D Printer 101]] * April 26June 28, 1 to 4 PM: [[Events/2020/PnPPractical_Power_Electronics|Python for Non-ProgrammersPractical Power Electronics (PPE) (macro power)]]** This class is $20 for non-members and $15 for members, but you get a robot!
Classes are $5 for non-members and free for members.

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