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Regional Events
[[File:ElectronicsBench.jpg|500px|thumb|Hacksburg Electronics Bench in the Creativity and Innovation Studio]]
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! Please excuse our mess as we migrate our wiki Due to a '''new server. Feel free ''' health agency recommendations related to create an account and add any missing infoCOVID-19, in-person events at Hacksburg have resumed!All events will be in-person + online ("hybrid") from now on.
= Events =
===== Recurring Events =====
Weekly meeting every Tuesday 7:30 PM -- feel . Feel free to come by for a tour! This meeting is open-to-the-public and followed by an open-to-the-public work session starting at the end of the meeting to whenever the last member leaves. Also feel free to attend to learn more about Hacksburg and take a [ virtual tour]! The meeting link is [] for attending virtually.
===== Upcoming Events =====
'''Make sure to RSVP for events before attending at* September 8, ''' All classes 1 to 4 PM: Hacksburg Grand Re00PM-Opening (No RSVP required)* September 15, 1 to 4 PM: [[events/2019/Laser_Cutter_Class|Laser Basics]]00PM unless otherwise noted.* September 22, 1 to 4 PMOctober 10: [[eventsEvents/20192021/Woodworking 101Cider|Woodworking 101Seventh Annual Hacksburg Cider Pressing!]], All ages, bring your own apples* October 215, 116:30 AM 00PM to 1 PM10:00PM: Habicraft, held by Hacksburg and the Christiansburg Habitat for Humanity ReStore: [https://wwwallevents.facebook.comin/eventsblacksburg/495099304558298habicraft-building-competition/ VT CRC Chili Cook-off] 200021587373509* October 17: [[eventsEvents/20192021/Chili CookoffCider|Seventh Annual Hacksburg PlansCider Pressing!]], All ages, bring your own apples* September 29, 1 to 4 PMOctober 24: [[eventsEvents/20192021/3D Printing and CADFermenting|Intro to 3D Printing and CADFermenting Basics]], Ages 21+* October 626 (Tuesday Meeting): Pumpkin carving, 1 to 4 PMmay or may not involve lasers* October 31: [[eventsEvents/20192021/5th Annual Cider PressingPumpkin_Chunkin|5th First Annual Cider PressingPumpkin Chunkin!]]* October 13November 7: [[Events/2021/Woodworking_November|Woodworking 101]], Ages 16+, 1 to 4 PM$30 for members and $35 for non-members (wood is expensive now!)* November 14: [[eventsEvents/20192021/Costume Hats Laser_November|Laser 101]], Ages 16+, $10 for members and Masks$15 for non-members for supplies.* November 21: [[Events/2021/RGB_Arduino|Costume Hats RGB Lights with Smart Controllers]], Ages 12+, optional $15 class fee for controller and Maskslights.* December 5: [[Events/2021/Ornaments|Third Annual Holiday Ornament Making]], All ages* October 20, 1 to 4 PMDecember 12: [[eventsEvents/20192021/Costume Prop WeatheringCasting_December|Costume Prop WeatheringCasting 101]], Ages 16+ Classes are $5 for non-members and free for members unless otherwise noted. Check out these events on MeetUp ( as well!
===== Regional Events =====
* [httpsOctober 30:// NRV Repair Cafe] ** Saturday, April 27th from 9 am-3 pm** Volunteers should arrive cafe at 8 am** Location: Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Christiansburg* [ NRVcon 2019]** Saturday April 27th from 10 am to ?** Location: University Mall! ''Hacksburg will not be participating this time around, 801 University City Blvd* [http://visitfloydvabut it's a great Mayfaire - Arts and Craft Fair]''** Saturday May 4th from 10 am to November 5 pm** Location-6: Floyd Center for Invisifest with the Arts, 220 Parkway Lane S, Floyd, VA 24091Science Fiction and Fantasy Club at Virginia Tech
===== Other Events =====
* [[Inventory]]
* [[Tool Wishlist]] -- **Please use this set of pages to offer donations or to request tools.**
* [[cloud|Hacksburg Cloud]]
= Projects =

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