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Things that need to be done for the space to run

  • Membership monthly review
    • once a month, 10-20 minutes check membership list and paypal list and email unpaid people, offboard those quitting
  • Member onboarding
    • 10-30 minutes each time someone joins depending how many Q they have
    • may require someone to physically pickup cards at CRC office during normla hours.
  • Member offboarding
    • 5-10 minutes each time someone quits
  • Event advertising
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
    • Annual State Taxes
    • Annual Federal Taxes
    • Personal Property taxes
    • Real Estate Taxes (twice a year)
    • Cash management
  • Grant research - TBD more the better
  • Mail (physical)
    • Check every tuesday, or when we are expecting a package
  • Email and mail communications - daily intermittant, 5-10 minute per email. less than one email a day
  • Annual Inventory
    • once a year, 3-4 while weekends
  • Supply checking
    • once a week? 5 minutes
  • Drink checking / cash jar checking
    • once a week? 5 minutes?
  • Social Media admin (intermittant, check weekly? approve people kick spammers)
    • Facebook
      • approve memeber requests and manage page and messages to page.
    • Twitter
    • Blog
    • Newsletter
    • Email Groups