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Data Collection and project tracking on Vacuum former

Data Collection

  • Generally nichrome wire arranged on an insulator, but there may be other ways to improvise. Not very safe I suppose, without a protective grid of some kind. I think something could be done with quartz heating tubes (a la cheap infrared heaters) or possibly even high output halogen worklight bulbs.

Current Progress

  • A 24x24" vacuum box was designed and built. It uses 2 shop-vacs to provide adequate suction across the entire build surface
  • The heating box was built out of cement board and a metal frame. It used several feet of nichrome wire, plugged into 220 single phase outlet, as the heating element
    • The wire was unable to produce enough heat to effectively melt/soften the plastic. An oven heating element was purchased to replace the DIY nichrome and hopefully apply additional heat
      • If it is found that more control is required, an oven element control unit could be easily added