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These rules exist to making working in the space pleasant.

Hacksburg is not your home

  • No sleeping or living in the space. Naps are OK.
  • No cooking food beyond what a reasonable person would do in a work breakroom. Hot Pockets are OK; a three-course dinner is not.
  • No smoking in the space or within 25 feet of the space entrances.
    • Discard cigarette butts in specified receptacles; there's one just outside the space.
  • No pets in the space unless they're service animals.
  • No bikes in the main area of the space unless they're being used for a project. Otherwise, secure all bikes in the storage area.
  • Minors over the age of 8 may enter the space if they are attended by a parent or guardian at all times.
    • Said parent or guardian must sign a minor consent form and takes full responsibility for the minor's conduct at all times.
    • Children under 8 are not permitted in the space under any circumstances.
  • Each Full Member may bring up to two guests with them into the space.
    • Members are responsible at all times for their guests' conduct while in the space, including the following of safety policies.
    • Each guest must be signed in and out of the guest roster when they enter the space and have a liability waiver on file.

Equipment Policies

  • When getting a tool or piece of equipment from the storage area, sign it out.
  • When returning a tool or piece of equipment to the storage area, sign it back in.
  • You are expected to follow safety policies for equipment at all times. If you don't know them, ask before you use the equipment. Incidents caused by a failure to follow safety policy will be dealt with severely.

Hacksburg is not your garbage dump

Members of Hacksburg are expected to clean up after themselves and their guests.

  • Put tools back in their proper storage space and sign them back in when you're finished using them.
  • When finished with a work area, please make sure it is neat and tidy (even if it wasn't before) so that someone else can work there.
    • This goes for the break areas as well. Put back all condiments, make sure all drink cans, paper plates, and utensils are disposed of properly, etc.
  • If you make a mess or cause a spill, you are expected to clean it up.
  • No abandoning property at the space. If you want to donate something, talk to the Board of Directors.
    • Abandoned property becomes the property of Hacksburg after 48 hours, and may be summarily disposed of as the Board of Directors sees fit.

Be considerate

Remember, people are here to work.

  • When doing anything involving loud noise, warn people first.
  • Don't crowd people when they're trying to work. Jostling them while handling a Dremel, for instance, will not end well.
  • People may not be in the mood to socialize while working. If they're not, respect that. Not doing so may constitute harrassment.
    • Additionally, keep loud conversations to a minimum in the space while others are working.
  • No bothering other people's projects unless they give you permission. Doing so may constitute harrassment.