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The online form is broken due to wiki migration. It will be fixed ASAP, but please contact until then.

The text below is kept for reference

<form> action mail thanks "Thanks for your interest in donating equipment to us! The Board of Directors will receive your application shortly. They will be in touch to arrange transfer of the equipment to Hacksburg."

fieldset "Personal information" textbox "Name" textbox "Organization (if applicable)" ! textbox "Address 1" textbox "Address 2" ! textbox "City" textbox "State" textbox "ZIP Code" /\d{5}([ \-]\d{4})?/ "**You must enter a valid ZIP code here."

fieldset "Equipment Information" textarea "Please describe the equipment you are donating to Hacksburg." textarea "Please describe any issues with the equipment that may interfere with its normal operation or cause safety hazards." !

fieldset "Verifications" static "To complete this application, please verify the following:" static "To donate the equipment being described to Hacksburg, you must be legally authorized to do so, either by being the sole owner of the equipment or being authorized by all legal owners of the equipment to donate it." textbox "Do you affirm your legal authorization to donate this equipment to Hacksburg?:"/^Yes$/ "**You must affirm this to loan equipment to Hacksburg." static "By donating the equipment to Hacksburg, it will become the sole property of Hacksburg, to do with as its Board of Directors see fit, effective when one of its members takes custody of the equipment." textbox "Do you consent to donating this equipment to Hacksburg?:"/^Yes$/ "**You must confirm this to donate equipment to Hacksburg."

submit "Submit Form" </form>