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This page is used for listing event ideas that do not yet have full details worked out. If the event has been fully planned and is just waiting on a date, move to the Future Events page.

  • Holiday Ornaments
    • Previously run in 2018
    • Additional ornaments:
      • Felt fruitcake
      • Add simple LED blinkies to ornaments for easy "techy" stuff, just need LED, coin cell, tape
    • Lessons learned
      • Do not use steel for wind chimes, or get much better drill bits
      • Chimes take a long time, even without steel rod
      • Glue dots work well for sticking felt together
  • Word Clock
    • Cut out face on laser, could use laser or woodworking tools for box
    • Adressable LED array, 60 LEDs ~$10
    • Can add custom message (birthday, anniversery, graduation) and colors
    • RTC and microcontroller
  • Stepper Contest
    • Supply up to 3 stepper motors and drivers per participant
    • Build the coolest/most useful/etc device
    • Winner gets to keep motors and drivers for free, others can pay to keep
  • May the Fourth Event
  • Stamp Making
    • Laser cut stamps - talk to Daniel Loope
    • Could also make wood lathe handles?