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Hacksburg is holding a joint class with the Lightsaber Club at Virginia Tech to make lightsabers! Attendees will watch one lightsaber hilt being made on the lathe on April 24, and participate one at a time to encourage social distancing. Non-participating attendees will be in the building at other locations and can still watch and ask questions.


Each lightsaber hilt will take several hours to complete, so attendees will make the hilts after the class on their own time. Non-members can sign up for a timeslot to come into Hacksburg to work, and members can work at any time.

Tentative costs (may change):

Basic lightsaber with no electronics (looks cool): $28

TriCree LED Lightsaber (looks cool, sound effects from motion, lights up): $132

NeoPixel LED Lightsaber (looks cool, sound effects from motion, enhanced lighting effects): $165

Signup Form: