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Aluminum Can Smelting

In preparation for the Casting 101 event, we will be smelting aluminum cans and other aluminum scrap into ingots. Smelting the cans ahead of time helps to remove the impurities (also called dross) and speeds up the casting process.

Date and Time

Sunday November 10, 1 to 4 PM


Free for Hacksburg members

Casting 101


Learn the basics of sand casting with aluminum and make your own aluminum object to take home. This class will cover the basics of making sand molds, melting aluminum, and safety.

Please wear cotton clothes, no nylon, rayon or similar materials that melt & burn! Be sure to also wear closed-toe shoes because we will be working with hot materials.

Check-in starts at 12:30 pm onsite. You must be present at 1:00 pm to participate due to the fact that Casting Safety will be covered at the start of the class.

All materials will be provided, but feel free to bring your own object to cast. Simple parts work best and we will be using a one-sided mold, so make sure your part doesn't have overhangs. For this workshop, the maximum size of the object should be 7.5x7.5 cm and 100 cm^3.

Date and Time

Sunday November 17, 1 to 4 PM

RSVP required by Saturday November 16


Free for Hacksburg members $5 for non-members Materials will be provided