COVID-19 Response/COVID-19 Projects

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Hacksburg is developing child-friendly activities that can be picked up by community members while schools are closed.

  • Ideally made using Hacksburg tools and require no special tools to complete at home
  • A crafting project with a STEM or learning focus
  • Simple enough to be completed by a school-age child
  • Project ideas can be recorded here or sent to

Felt Coronavirus

major elements of coronavirus

  • Assemble a coronavirus out of laser cut felt pieces
  • Includes instructional materials on how viruses work and parts of Coronavirus
    • Viral Envelope: Outer layer of the virus. They may help viruses avoid the host immune system
    • Spike Glycoprotein: Allow the virus to bind to receptors on the host cell
    • Hemagglutinin-esterase dimer: Allow the virus to enter the host cell
    • RNA and N Protein: The ribonucleic acid nucleocapsid protein contain the information that allow the virus to reproduce

Laser Cut Catapult