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From time to time, Hacksburg organizes group buys from Adafruit Industries. The idea is that you pick out what you want and we put it on the list to order. Payment is due when the order is placed.

The group buy is currently closed.** Watch this space for the next time the group buy is open.


Adafruit has a makerspace discount that Hacksburg has qualified for. If Hacksburg places an order of $250 or more (before shipping), we can get a discount on select goods. The discount varies by item, but typically is 20% of retail price. Not everything gets a discount -- most test equipment, 3D printers and supplies, and dev boards don't, for instance. But many components, Arduino shields, displays, sensors, and accessories do get the discount.


  • **March 7-21:** Potential buyers get their orders in.
  • **March 28, 7:30 PM EDT:** Deadline for new orders. Google doc is locked, and items are checked for availability.
  • **April 4, 7:30 PM EDT:** Adafruit finalization meeting. Confirmed buyers come to Hacksburg to finalize orders and pay. Adafruit order is placed that night.
  • **Early-Mid April:** Order arrives at Hacksburg and is divided by buyer; buyers notified to pick up orders at the next Hacksburg meeting.

The List

In order to save a bunch of headache, the list will be on Google Drive. Here's how you can place items to order:

  1. Go here to access the Google spreadsheet for the items.
  2. Make a duplicate of the "Template" worksheet, and rename it to your name.
  3. Check out the Adafruit website to see what you want.
  4. For each item you want, enter it in the spreadsheet. Please only fill out the Item Number, Description, and Quantity fields; leave the other fields as-is.
  5. The spreadsheet will be locked at 7:30 PM EDT on March 28; no further buyers will be taken at that time, unless we are under the $250 limit.