COVID-19 Response/COVID-19 Face Shield

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Hacksburg is standing by to produce face shields if requested by local officials or medical facilities.

Current Actions

  • Coordinating with 3D Printed PPE Roanoke VA
    • Supplying 1500 DtM face shields to Carilion Hospital for delivery to Carilion medical facilities
    • Supplying previously produced Prusa/Budmen/Verkstan designs to first responders (designs not approved by Carilion)
    • If you have a 3D Printer and are interested in assisting, join this group!
  • Coordinating with Virginia Tech group
    • Trying to get a UW style shield approved by Lewis Gale
    • Hacksburg standing by to provide access to manufacturing equipment while VT is closed

Current Design

  • US Version Prusa RC3 Headband:
    • Faster printing than design with brim
    • Pegs spaced to use clear shield with 3-hole punch
  • Laser cut Verkstan-style headband
  • Custom designed laser cut clear shield
    • 5-hole design compatible with Euro and US hole-punch spacing
    • Optional integrated brim to provide overhead protection

Alternate Designs