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What We Want

If you want the hackerspace to acquire something listed here, add your name to the list next to that thing (in parentheses) to vote for it. If you want the hackerspace to acquire something not listed, add it as a link to a nonexistant page (look at the other listed items as a guide). That page is where we'll discuss possible sources for that tool.

While preference will be given to things wanted by current members, anyone may contribute to this page! We want the input of the larger community as well, so feel free to add your name.

Similarly, if you have any information about where we might get one of these things, add that information to the page in question.


  • CNC mill (bed for the kit so we don't have to swap with laser engraver)
  • 3D printer (larger print bed)
  • (TIG) welder
  • Vacuum former
  • Vinyl Cutter
  • Metal Lathe
  • Metal brake
  • Heavy duty die grinder

Archive what we want things we likely still want, but less urgently

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