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 ===== Metal Shop ===== ===== Metal Shop =====
 |{{:​tools:​drillpress.jpg?​200x200|}}|Sear 15" Variable Speed Drill Press| |{{:​tools:​drillpress.jpg?​200x200|}}|Sear 15" Variable Speed Drill Press|
-|{{:​tools:​milldrill.jpg?​200x200|}}|Jet JMD-15 Mill/Drill, 1HP| +|{{:​tools:​milldrill.jpg?​200x200|}}|[[tools:​metalworking:​cnc_mill|Jet JMD-15 Mill/Drill, 1HP]]|
 |{{:​tools:​metalsaw.jpg?​200x200|}}|Central Machinery 1 HP 4 in. x 6 in. Metal Cutting Band Saw| |{{:​tools:​metalsaw.jpg?​200x200|}}|Central Machinery 1 HP 4 in. x 6 in. Metal Cutting Band Saw|
 |{{:​tools:​arcwelder.jpg?​200x200|}}|Lincoln Electric 225 Amp Arc/Stick Welder| |{{:​tools:​arcwelder.jpg?​200x200|}}|Lincoln Electric 225 Amp Arc/Stick Welder|
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