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Printrbot Simple Makers Kit

  • Specifications
    • Build Area: Roughly 4x4x4 inches
    • Can work PLA and ABS (has heated bed)
    • Workflow: Connected to computer with Cura 2.4 series slicer.
    • Portable; can run on battery power
      • Requires at least 12V @ 4A for running without heated bed
      • Running the heated bed on battery power has not been tested and is not allowed at present.
  • GCode Production
    • STL is converted to GCode using a *slicer program* which produces GCode of slices of the modeling file for the 3D printer to print. The best slicer for the Printrbot is Cura, which is preinstalled on the computer.

Printing on the Printrbot

  1. Use Cura to open your STL file.
  2. Position the model on the virtual print bed, and make sure the scale and orientation are right.
  3. Make sure the extruder and bed temperatures are set properly (see below).
  4. Click the print button. Make sure the bed is clear, then click Print.
    1. If there's a save icon where the print icon should be, there's a connection issue with the 3D printer; check the USB cable and press the reset button on the 3D printer controller board (located on the underside of the printer, below the print bed).
  5. In the event of a printing error, click Cancel and wait for the printer to stop moving, then click the tool up button to move the tool above the print bed.
  6. After the print finishes, wait for the bed to cool before removing it.
Material Extruder Temperature Bed Temperature
PLA 210 C 70 C
ABS 230 C 110 C
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