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2015 Annual Meeting

Members Present

  • Jenn McGuire
  • Andrew Mike
  • Nicole Schwartz
  • Kurt Rooks
  • Lyle Evans


Lyle mentioned that several aspects of the Bylaws needed to be changed. We reviewed the Bylaws and identified changes we wanted to make. Lyle also mentioned that two Standing Officer positions were, in fact, vacant, and we needed to fill them per the Bylaws. We selected officers as per below. Finally, we reviewed our finances; we have no money not being committed to taxes, regulatory fees, or rent; outlays for equipment are thus suspended until our past obligations are met. Jenn talked about our 501( c)(3) application; it is being reviewed by the lawyer who volunteered her services to us.

Officer Posts

  • Andrew Mike volunteered to be Secretary for another term.
  • Nicole Schwartz volunteered to be Treasurer.
  • Kurt Rooks was nominated by Lyle Evans to be Safety Officer and was not contested.
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