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2014-15 Annual Meeting

Business for the annual meeting may be added below.

  • What we've accomplished so far
  • What we're planning for the next year
  • What goals we need to meet in the next few months
  • Business

Minutes and Action Items

Discussion with Val regarding his suggestions for us. Primary takeaways include:

  • Find and know our market
  • Design a business plan
  • Ask for help from people who know how to deal with business. Ask the chair of VT's business school; ask the Experts in Action Program.

Other action items discussed in the rest of the meeting:

  • Keep in touch with lapsing members and people who have expressed interest but are not members
  • We need to prioritize tasks for board members, so as not to end up with more work than we can even think about individually.
  • Ask for help on specific tasks from our members: We're volunteers; if we give people more *specific* opportunities, maybe they'll volunteer as well.
  • Give volunteers titles and business cards
  • Take inventory
  • Advertise more on campus - listservs, student groups, etc.
  • Figure out how to deal with publicity: Write a chunk of informational stuff to send along with announcements to news outlets.
  • Find a new board member
  • Continue seeking 501©3 status
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