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Make your own Enigma machine

Have you heard of the Enigma machine? You may have recently with the film The Imitation Game.

image from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Enigma_rotor_set.png

“The Enigma machines were a series of electro-mechanical rotor cipher machines developed and used in the early- to mid-twentieth century to protect commercial, diplomatic and military communication. Enigma was invented by the German engineer Arthur Scherbius at the end of World War I.” (from Wikipedia)

Learn the basics around how the cypher machine worked, and then make your own simple version using a pringles can!

Supplies provided.

Class is open to all ages! (prefered 6+ and must be able to use scissors)

Date: Thursday, June 2, 2016

Time: 6pm - 8pm

Where: Hacksburg 2200 Kraft Drive, Suite 1475, Blacksburg, VA

Taught by: Steve Swenson


  • free

Class is limited to 12 people so you must RSVP here at this link!

facebook event

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