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 +====== About the Hacksburg Wiki ======
 +This wiki runs on Dokuwiki, a lightweight,​ extensible wiki system. Wiki syntax is located [[doku>​wiki:​syntax|here]].
 +==== Plugins ====
 +These plugins are installed that are useful to all users:
 +  * [[doku>​plugin:​bureaucracy|bureaucracy]] (form creator)
 +  * [[doku>​plugin:​color|color]] (colored text)
 +  * [[doku>​plugin:​gallery|gallery]] (pretty picture galleries)
 +  * [[doku>​plugin:​html5video|html5video]] (html5-based local video serving)
 +  * [[doku>​plugin:​vshare|vshare]] (Youtube/​Vimeo/​Slideshare/​etc. embedding)
 +  * [[doku>​plugin:​wrap|wrap]] (wrap text inside boxes for emphasis; advanced layout features -- multi-column,​ etc)
 +==== Namespaces ====
 +Dokuwiki has namespaces by which one can organize pages, much like folders on a hard drive (in fact, internally it's exactly like this; pages are stored as text files in folders). Namespaces are delimited by colons; for more information,​ see [[doku>​wiki:​namespaces|here]].
 +**Please do not move namespaces without checking with the Board first.** There are good reasons why we have it organized the way we do.
 +Here is the list of the current Hacksburg namespaces:
 +  * policy
 +      * Namespace used to store Hacksburg policies. **Posting restricted.**
 +  * events
 +      * Namespace used to store event listings and event pages. This has sub-namespaces,​ one for each year.
 +  * tools
 +      * Namespace used to store information on the space'​s tools and equipment.
 +  * meetings
 +      * Namespace used to store meeting agendas and minutes. **Posting restricted.**
 +  * forms
 +      * Used to store forms for Hacksburg use -- membership applications,​ etc.
 +  * infrastructure
 +      * Used to store information for the maintenance of Hacksburg. This is where you are right now. **Posting is restricted to the Board.**
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