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About the Hacksburg Wiki

This wiki runs on Dokuwiki, a lightweight, extensible wiki system. Wiki syntax is located here.


These plugins are installed that are useful to all users:

  • bureaucracy (form creator)
  • color (colored text)
  • gallery (pretty picture galleries)
  • html5video (html5-based local video serving)
  • vshare (Youtube/Vimeo/Slideshare/etc. embedding)
  • wrap (wrap text inside boxes for emphasis; advanced layout features – multi-column, etc)


Dokuwiki has namespaces by which one can organize pages, much like folders on a hard drive (in fact, internally it's exactly like this; pages are stored as text files in folders). Namespaces are delimited by colons; for more information, see here.

Please do not move namespaces without checking with the Board first. There are good reasons why we have it organized the way we do.

Here is the list of the current Hacksburg namespaces:

  • policy
    • Namespace used to store Hacksburg policies. Posting restricted.
  • events
    • Namespace used to store event listings and event pages. This has sub-namespaces, one for each year.
  • tools
    • Namespace used to store information on the space's tools and equipment.
  • meetings
    • Namespace used to store meeting agendas and minutes. Posting restricted.
  • forms
    • Used to store forms for Hacksburg use – membership applications, etc.
  • infrastructure
    • Used to store information for the maintenance of Hacksburg. This is where you are right now. Posting is restricted to the Board.
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