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 ===== Github Pages ===== ===== Github Pages =====
-The content of our main website at hacksburg.org ​is controlled via the ''​hacksburg.github.io'' ​repository. This uses the Jekyll framework and Github ​to compile a website; when a change to the repo is detected, the website is recompiled with the new changes applied.+The Hacksburg ​website ​lives at [[http://hacksburg.org|hacksburg.org]]It's hosted on Github's servers (thereby taking advantage of Github's good uptime). The repository ​is [[https://​github.com/​hacksburg/​hacksburg.github.io|here]].
-==== Posting to the Website ​==== +==== Posting to the Site ====
-Each post is stored as a [[wp>​Markdown]] file within the ''​_posts''​ directory of the repository. New posts are made through making a new file.+
 +The site is built using Jekyll, so to write a new post you will need to be added to the [[https://​github.com/​hacksburg|Hacksburg GitHub group]]. Once you have access to that, clone the repository locally. Then, copy the format of one of the existing articles in the _posts/ directory, including the filename convention. Next, update the date and time  of the filename to the current date and time, and change the title to something more meaningful (Ex: ''​2015-06-02-1556-post_title.markdown''​).
 +Change the data in the "​frontmatter"​ (the section between the lines containing only dashes) to match your new post, and then write the remaining article in [[https://​guides.github.com/​features/​mastering-markdown/​|Markdown syntax]]. When you've done that, 'git add' the file you made, 'git commit'​ with a message about the article you wrote, and 'git push origin master'​ to get github to rebuild the page.
 +If you want to include images, put them in the images/ directory and reference them in the article as "/​images/​[filename]"​.
 +===== Blog style =====
 +The style of the blog uses Bootstrap to make it adaptive ('​responsive'​),​ and is based heavily on the example blog template provided on Bootstrap'​s home page. A number of changes have been made to this template. If you'd like to redesign or modify the design, it is probably a good idea to get acquainted with the Bootstrap documentation beforehand, as well as HTML and CSS, so you can make the changes in a sensible way.
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