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Entry System

The door entry system is controlled by Janus, a Raspberry Pi running the Latchburg framework with a magstripe card reader attached. Latchburg is controlled using command-line programs delivered via SSH.

Adding the SSH certificate to a user machine


Connecting to Janus

Connecting to Janus via SSH requires the SSH certificate and a connection to Hacksburg's LAN; for security reasons, Janus cannot be reached from the Internet.

Adding Cards

Here's how to add a card to the system:

  1. Connect to Janus via SSH.
  2. Run the meet command. You'll get a prompt to enter a handle for the new card; Convention is usually the name of the card holder, formatted firstname.lastname.
  3. It will ask you to swipe the card twice at the magstripe reader; do so. The program should finish when this is done. Swipe the card again to test it.
  4. You're done! Log out of Janus.

Removing Cards

Here's how to remove a card from the system:

  1. Connect to Janus via SSH.
  2. Run the unmeet command. You'll get a list of handles currently enrolled.
  3. Enter the handle to remove from the system.
  4. You're done! Log out of Janus.
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