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Hacksburg Electronics Bench in the Creativity and Innovation Studio
Due to new health agency recommendations related to COVID-19, in-person events at Hacksburg have resumed! All events will be in-person + online ("hybrid") from now on.

Hacksburg is a community workshop located in Blacksburg, VA at 1872 Pratt Drive, in the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center.

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We're a registered 501c3 non-profit and love donations! Read more here.


Recurring Events

Weekly meeting every Tuesday 7:30 PM. Feel free to come by for a tour! This meeting is open-to-the-public and followed by an open-to-the-public work session starting at the end of the meeting to whenever the last member leaves. Also feel free to attend to learn more about Hacksburg and take a virtual tour! The meeting link is for attending virtually.

Upcoming Events

Make sure to RSVP for events before attending on Meetup of at All classes 1:00PM-4:00PM unless otherwise noted.

  • February 11: Laser Cutter 101 (Make a custom Valentines Day gift!)
  • February 18: Intro to CNC
  • February 25: Woodturning
  • March 3: 3D Printer Community Workday
  • March 10: Bicycle Repair and Maintenance
  • March 17: Seed Starting
  • March 24: Lynchburg Maker Faire
  • March 31: Wind Chimes (Intro to Metalshop and lathe)
  • April 14: Designing Circuit Boards in KiCad
  • April 21: Modern Kites
  • April 28: AI Image Generation

Classes are $5 for non-members and free for members unless otherwise noted.

Check out and RSVP to these events on MeetUp ( as well!


Mini-classes are shorter 30-90 minute casual events held after the weekly meeting. They may introduce a new topic, expand on a previous class, or be a forum for discussion. No RSVP required!

  • February 13: Black Inventors and Makers
  • April 2: How to safely view the Solar Eclipse
  • TBD: AI and Internet Safety

Regional Events

Other Events



Archived Projects