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During this class, we will discuss 3D printing in general and talk about how to use the 3D printers that Hacksburg has. Following that, we will have a basic introduction to Autodesk Fusion 360.

Before the class, make sure to:

  • Install Fusion 360. If you don't already have Fusion 360, go ahead and make an Autodesk account. Fusion 360 is free for students and anyone for "hobbyist" use (details here:
  • Download Prusa Slic3r. We will be using Prusa Slic3r 2.1.0. You can get that here: When you first run Slic3r it has a first-time setup process; you can just kinda click through it. Afterwards, use the Prusa Slic3r settings files on the 3D printer page. If you already have vanilla Slic3r, it won't fight with Prusa Slic3r. If you already have Prusa Slic3r, you may have issues with a different version.

3D Printing slides: File:3D Printing.pdf