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Event Request Form

This form can be used for requesting events to be held at Hacksburg. As a reminder, all events need to be approved by the Board of Directors before they can take place at Hacksburg.

All events at Hacksburg are subject to our Events Policy. You are expected to have read, understood, and agreed to the policy before filling out this form.

Chief Organizer Information
Contact Info
Basic Event Information

Depending on the access type of your event, you may need to schedule events multiple weeks in advance; see the Events Policy for details.

When giving times for your event, please also include the time needed for event setup and teardown.

Event Description

To submit this event request to the Board of Directors, please verify the following:

As Chief Organizer of this event, you are required to follow all Hacksburg policies while the events is taking place, and to require your fellow Organizers and your event's attendees to do the same. This includes, but is not limited to, the bar on the use of Hacksburg's equipment, aside from tables and chairs, except by members of Hacksburg properly trained in their use.

As Chief Organizer, you will be held fully responsible for the conduct of your fellow Organizers and the attendees of your event while they are at Hacksburg. In addition, you will be held fully and solely liable for any damage inflicted on Hacksburg by you, your fellow Organizers, or your event's attendees while the event is in progress.

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