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Unconference II


This past weekend, Saturday September 17, Hacksburg hosted our second Hacker Unconference.

What was it? A bunch of people interested in technology who got together to talk about whatever things they were passionate about.

We ended up with the following schedule:

  • How the Internet works - really
  • Attach in Depth - new cyber methods as seen in russia's sucessful attack on power infrastructure
  • All te drones! (Racing, AP, lon range FPV, build, design)
  • Hacking Power Meters

If any speakers want to let us know links to projects discussed or further materials we would be glad to link them.

Thank you to all the attendees and our sponors.


Unconferences do not have talks scheduled ahead of time. Talks and topics are determined by who shows up and wants to present and idea to gather people to discuss a specific topic.

Submit a talk or talk request



Examples: arduino, ham radio, coding, information security, 3D printing, telephony, etc. come on out if this sounds like your thing.


Date: Saturday, September 17, 2016

Where: Hacksburg 2200 Kraft Dr #1475, Blacksburg, VA 24060


Registration is $20 per person and attendance is limited by the space we have available (max 30). Registration includes lunch.

Purchase tickets here.




  • Roanoke, VA (ROA) 1 hour
  • Lynchburg, VA (LYH) 1.5 hours
  • Charlotte, NC (CLT) 3.5 hours

Hotels (in rough order of proximity)

There are other hotels in Christiansburg (the next town over) which also have reasonable rates, at the cost of some travel time. Please consult the Internet for details. Suggestions presented here are not an endorsement.

For those who like to track events using Facebook: Facebook Event

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