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Future Events

Future Events (TBD)

  • YouTube learning nights
  • Open House - 1-4pm Stop in to get a tour of our space, some tea, and be able to ask any questions about our organization. This is free and open to everyone! We will also be having an open work session - so come work on a project or use some of our tools.
  • Beverage Cooling Competition! 4-5pm
  • Beginner Soldering, circuits, and light class
  • Spray Airbrush Paint
  • Arduino?
  • ?? - 8pm - Hacksburg Tool Tuesday - How to power up LEDs with only wires, battery and electrical tape!
  • ?? - 8pm - Hacksburg Tool Tuesday - Lathe follower
  • Simple circut? switch? (brent wanted to do)
  • Hand tools workshop
  • Sept-Apples/Cider
  • Oct-Pumpkin carving/hacking
  • Oct-Costume contest
  • DATE? Basic logic circuit - Brent
  • Cat tree
  • Wing Contest
  • Unconference
  • Introduction to Homebrew
  • Tie-Dye
  • Wood Shop Basics (router, table saw, chop saw, band saw, scroll saw, drill press, sanders) w/kurt
  • Tshirt / cloth screen printing
  • Soft Circuits
  • Demolition Derby
  • 12-hour hackathon
  • annual meeting
  • paper circuits
  • Photography talk (David)
  • Prototyping Cosplay Talk (Monta)
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