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Metal Lathe Class


To learn the basics of using the metal lathe, a machine for producing precision round parts out of plastic and metal.


  • The class is on March 31 2018 from 2:00PM to 4:00PM.
  • $10 cost for non-Hacksburg-members, $5 cost for Hacksburg members.
  • Ages 14 and up. The lathe is a powerful and dangerous piece of equipment, if used improperly, and is also on a tall table.
  • If you have long hair, make sure you bring something to tie it back with. Similarly, do not wear clothing with long tassels (hoodies).
  • Bring your own safety glasses if you own them.
  • Materials will be provided.


The class will have the following segments:

  1. Short presentation on how the lathe works and lathe safety
  2. Short presentation on making and reading drawings for the lathe (NOTE: This class will not cover CAD).
  3. Demonstration of making the two demo parts for the class
  4. Each person will make one of the demo parts:
    1. These drawings will be supplied (you don't have to print them yourself).

Questions will be answered throughout.

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