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Fall 2018 Event Planning

This is a page to record ideas and plans for Fall 2018 Classes, Activities, and Events. Please keep events in chronological order and follow the template below. If you just want to contribute a general idea, please list it under the Ideas heading.


  • Example Event Name
    • Event Date/Time
    • Event organizer
    • Short Description
    • Cost/Required Materials
  • Woodworking 101: Boxes and Joinery
    • A Sunday in September
    • Lead by Carl
    • Learn to make wooden joints and boxes
    • Wood, glue, etc?
  • Apple Cider Making
    • sometime in early September depending on apple season
    • Lead by John
    • Make your own apple cider (and learn about homebrewing?)
    • BYO Apples and containers
  • Milling 101
    • no date set
    • Possibly lead by Max
    • Learn how to use the Hacksburg mill, make a milled object
    • Wax or metal blocks
  • Pumpkin Carving/Halloween Activities
    • October 30, during Tuesday meeting
    • No leader
    • Carve pumpkins togeter, show off costumes, fun Halloween projects (like Max's Eyeball arm)


  • Sample Idea
    • Sample short description
  • Board game night
    • Could make custom boards/tokens
  • Website work day
  • Arduino Class
    • Use sensors, lights, etc
    • Could buy kits of sensors and Arduino
    • Some sort of programming challenge?
  • Laser engraved drinking glasses
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