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Steampunk Contest


  • April 1 – Contest begins; entries are open for submission.
  • April 8 - prop gun class might be a good thing to use to get a kick start on the contest!
  • April 25 – Contest ends; Late entries will be frowned upon.
  • May 2 at 8pm – Awards party (will includes tea and nominal pizes)


  • Items must be hand-made by the entrant; no buying one from a store or paying someone else to make one for you.
  • Each person can submit multiple entries, but will not be able to earn more than 1 award/
  • Competion is open to members and non-members.
  • Participant must be present at the party to be eligable for awards.
  • Nothing that is an actual weapon.

How To Enter

  1. Craft a item following the rules above.
  2. Bring the item to a Hacksburg meeting during the month of April (can be sent with a friend).
  3. Attend the party on May 2nd. Entrants must be present to recieve an award.


  • Best Weapon Prop
  • Best Gadget
  • Best Costume Accessory (watch, hat etc)
  • Best Costume

Facebook Event

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