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Hacksburg Tool Tuesday - Introduction to 3D printing

Date: March 21 - 8pm

  • Come on out to Hacksburg's monthly Tool Tuesday and learn what 3D printing is, what uses it has, and the basics of doing it from Andrew, a board member. This class is aimed to go over using the 3D printer after you already have an image model (say from thingiverse).
  • This event is open to everyone (students, residents, anyone!) and free.
  • This event will follow our normal weekly meeting (which starts at 7:30pm) which is open to the public.
  • Tool Tuesday is followed by our weekly open work session - which is always open to anyone! A great time to get a tour or be able to sit down and work on a project.

Location: We are located in the CRC at 2200 Kraft Drive, Suite 1475, Blacksburg, VA

Driving Directions

From downtown Blacksburg:

Head south on Main Street.

Turn right onto Washington Street.

Turn left just after you pass Cassell Coliseum onto Beamer Way.

Continue on Beamer Way through the traffic light; the road will become Tech Center Drive.

Continue on Tech Center Drive for a while, then turn right onto Kraft Drive.

Take the right turn near the bottom of the hill, right before you get to the bank. This will bring you to the KnowledgeWorks buildings.

Continue on the road to the front of the building, then turn right and proceed to the parking lot at the far end of the building, near the bus stop and the pond.

Hacksburg is the space with the big garage door immediately to your left. If the door isn't open, knock clearly and we'll let you in.

Blacksburg Transit Directions

We are on the CRC Shuttle line of Blacksburg Transit. The stop number is 1714 (Kraft/KnowledgeWorks 1 Building Southbound), the stop before the Kraft Drive time check. While we try to keep the info below current, please check the Blacksburg Transit website for the latest information and timetables.

Weekdays:The CRC Shuttle bus runs from 6:45 AM to 9:45 PM during Full and Intermediate Service and from 7:00 AM to 6:30 PM during Reduced Service.

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