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Virginia Science Festival

Hacksburg is participating in the Virginia Science Festival on Saturday September 26 at 10am until 3pm. You can read more about the Blacksburg event here

Hacksburg aims to promote lifelong learning and to 'learn by doing'. Volunteers will be helping participants construct “Scribbling Machines”, small robots equipped with markers or crayons that create patterns as they move around a sheet of paper, while teaching basic circuits and the prototyping process.

The machines are constructed from materials commonly found in recycling bins and are propelled by tiny battery powered motors. Participants will learn the basics of electric circuits using motors and batteries. Facilitators will emphasize the iterative process of testing and prototyping. Participants will be encourage to observe physical alterations change how the machine 'scribbles'.

When: Saturday September 26 at 10am until 3pm

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1492667614376982/

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