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The Hacksburg blog lives at hacksburg.org. It's hosted on Github's servers (thereby taking advantage of Github's good uptime). The repository is here, and benwr controls the DNS.

Posting to the Blog

The blog is built using Jekyll, so to write a new post you will need to be added to the Hacksburg GitHub group. Once you have access to that, clone the repository locally. Then, copy the format of one of the existing articles in the _posts/ directory, including the filename convention. If you're making multiple posts in the same day, add the time to the filename between the date and the title (Ex: 2015-06-02-1556-post_title.markdown).

Change the data in the “frontmatter” (the section between the lines containing only dashes) to match your new post, and then write the remaining article in Markdown syntax. When you've done that, 'git add' the file you made, 'git commit' with a message about the article you wrote, and 'git push origin master' to get github to rebuild the page.

If you want to include images, put them in the images/ directory and reference them in the article as “/images/[filename]”.

If any of that is too difficult to parse, contact Andrew Mike and he'll help you through it.

Blog style

The style of the blog uses Bootstrap to make it adaptive ('responsive'), and is based heavily on the example blog template provided on Bootstrap's home page. Only a couple of changes have been made to this template. If you'd like to redesign or modify the design, it is probably a good idea to get acquainted with the Bootstrap documentation beforehand, so you can make the changes in a sensible way.

Again, contact benwr (or Andrew Mike) if you'd like help.


Currently, Andrew is running IFTTT recipes that post about new blog posts to the Hacksburg Twitter account, Google Group, and Facebook page. It does not, however, post to the Facebook group because of Facebook's (idiotic) API. If you want your post to get seen there, you'll need to link it manually.

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