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Archive of what we want

  • Calipers (Ben Weinstein-Raun, Andrew Mike, James R. Dunson)
  • Power hand drill, large drill press (Ben Weinstein-Raun, Andrew Mike, Andrew Cohill, Brian Alexander, James R. Dunson)
  • CNC Router (Ben Weinstein-Raun, Andrew Mike, Brett Fleming, Brian Alexander, James R. Dunson)
  • Hacksaw (Ben Weinstein-Raun, James R. Dunson)
  • Oscilloscope (Drew Laing, Andrew Mike, Ben Weinstein-Raun, James R. Dunson)
    • Would something like the Bitscope Micro and a Pi do most of what we need? Includes Logic Analyzer, Waveform Generator, and Spectrum Analyzer
  • Logic Analyzer (Andrew Mike, Brett Fleming)
  • Function Generator (Andrew Mike, Ben Weinstein-Raun)
  • Protocol Sniffer (Andrew Mike)
    • Something like a Bus Pirate
    • FYI some high end O-Scopes do this, as well as serve as a logic analyzer
  • Silkscreening Station (Andrew Mike)
    • Easy enough to DIY
  • Dev Boards (Andrew Mike)
    • What kinds? I have a couple SmartFusion Eval baords I could loan/donate. They are for Arm and FPGA work.
      • Any kind, really; was thinking about donating my LaunchPads. But I imagine we could use FPGA dev kits, Arduinos, LaunchPads, BeagleBoards, etc.
  • Filament Extruder (Andrew Mike)
    • Blocking on 3D Printer
  • Power supply (+5v, +12v, -12v, +24v) May take more than one box…needed for various projects likely to develop (Andrew Cohill, Brian Alexander, James R. Dunson) One variable 2-16 V small amperage and one rack mount currently available.
    • I have one of these in rack-mount form. I'll bring it in on loan.
  • Band saw (useful for both woodworking and light metalworking with the right blades) (Andrew Cohill, Kurt)
  • Table Saw (Brian Alexander, Kurt)
  • Jointer (Brian Alexander)
  • Router Table (Brian Alexander, Kurt)
  • Scrollsaw
  • Vise (James R. Dunson, Andrew Mike)
  • Bench magnifier with ring light, ideally LED (James R. Dunson, Andrew Mike)
  • Laser Cutter (James R. Dunson)
    • at heart, this is a high-accuracy XY positioner with a laser head, are there any feasable units that overlap with the 3D printer?
      • Not AFAIK. Hard to get an extruder hardpoint to add a multiwatt CO2 laser as an add-on. :P We might be able to retrofit a laser diode from a dead DVD/Blu-Ray writer to use as a laser etcher, but that's sketchy. -Andrew Mike
  • Vacuum former (Andrew Mike)
    • Useful for making plastic parts, molds, etc.
  • Mill (CNC would be wonderful but nonCNC would be very useful) (Lyle Evans, Kurt)
  • Lathe (CNC would be wonderful but nonCNC would be very useful) metal lathe (Lyle Evans)
  • Plasma Cutter (Lyle Evans)
  • Welder see options here (Lyle Evans)

Non-tool Items for the Space

  • Surveillance System of some kind, even if just a webcam (Ben Weinstein-Raun, Andrew Mike)
  • Fire Extinguisher – better safe than sorry (Drew Laing, James R. Dunson)
    • Already have one that's with the space. We may consider having another at some point, however.
    • It might be good to have a small-to-medium “electronics safe” one, such as CO2, in addition to the heavier powder(?) one provided
  • Surge Protectors (Andrew Mike, James R. Dunson)
  • Shop vac, or vacuum cleaner with liquid and dust traps (Andrew Mike, James R. Dunson)
    • Dust traps can be made – see here, here, and here
    • And here's a spill attachment
  • small fan (for redirecting solder fumes, etc.) (James R. Dunson)


  • 3D Printer Filament pending acquisition of a 3D Printer (Ben Weinstein-Raun)
  • Solder (Andrew Mike, Ben Weinstein-Raun)
  • Basic Electronic Components like resistors, capacitors, and switches (Andrew Mike, Ben Weinstein-Raun)
  • PCB Making Supplies – etchant, mask, boards, etc. (Andrew Mike, Ben Weinstein-Raun)
    • Maybe materials for toner transfer method via laser printer?
  • Wire (Andrew Mike, Ben Weinstein-Raun)
  • Low-capacity flash drives/SD cards to put random files on (Andrew Mike)
  • Protoboards and breadboards (Andrew Mike, Ben Weinstein-Raun)
  • good scanner / multi page scanner
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