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Hacksburg is a hackerspace located in Blacksburg, VA at 2200 Kraft Drive, in the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center.

Welcome to our wiki! As with all wikis, it's a perpetual work in progress. Add any information you think will be useful to future users!

Current Events

  • Our Action List is currently of very high importance. It contains a list of projects we need to complete, and a 'coordinator' assigned to each.
  • Our Todo List contains outstanding projects to be done to improve our space.
  • Also important is our list of What We Want for the space. Please use this set of pages to offer donations or to request tools.
  • We are hosting a - everyone is welcome to spectate, but in order to compete teams must register.


Pages of Interest



  • Fairly well equiped electronics shop Oscilloscope, power supplies, pulse generator, hand tools
  • Drill press
  • Sheet metal brake and roller
  • Heavy Duty bench vice
  • Nice selection of hand tools and manual power
  • computers, displays, and internet connectivity
  • Work in progress: 3D Printer build, see here


Old Events

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